Finance for Non-Financials

What are your options?

Our trainings can be grouped into three levels.

Would you like a short introduction into a financial theme? For that purpose we offer 3 different one-day trainings:

Or would you like to participate in a more entertaining activity?

Are you in need of a more comprehensive introduction into finance? The training understand your financial expert in a week would fit. This course aims to generate a comprehensive overview of most commonly used terms, overviews and methods, used by financials.

Do you wish to be able to use finance to your advantage? Want to be able to have a sound discussion with other professionals and you take your responsibilities seriously? Your goal is to improve your ability to take financial matters into account? If so, subscribe for the program use finance to your advantage. During the 10 monthly sessions we start with the most common terms, overviews and methods. From the start we focus on practical use and discussions. Taking better decisions, discussing about themes, in short learn how to use finance to your benefit.