Finance for non-financials works for reputable companies.



Anouk Breuls, Communications Manager Direct - Europe at Office Depot

Thanks Susan Marcussen-Geelen for yesterday's Finance for non financials training. Didn't think someone would be capable of teaching me the basics, but you succeeded! Finishing second (in terms of overall assignment scores) felt like a significant achievement. Nicole Fischer, congrats on taking home the prize!

Ann Soufnanguel Corporate HR Manager Océ

I was one of the lucky to get a seat in her training. What struck me the most is Susan's approach to make the principles of Accounting, Finance and the Metrics understandable for me with concrete every day life examples which - at first sight -  have nothing to do with finance.

Karel Haan – Leadership and Consultancy behaviors trainer at Canon

Finance is FUN! I know that ever since I took the training 'Understand financial overviews' from Susan. She is an experienced business controller in very dynamic circumstances. This is evident from the striking (sometimes hilarious) examples that she uses in her trainings. By doing so she brings the financial subjects to life. Her enthusiasm and humor are contagious. Her trainings are not only fun to follow but her way of working assures that the knowledge really sticks. The interactive way in which Susan shapes her trainings makes me as participant immediately apply the content in relevant situations.

Thanks to the training of Susan I can now much better read and understand the 'balance sheet' and 'profit and loss statement' and make it work for me.

Dear Susan, (Organiser training) and (CEO),

Overall I review the game as a successful and content wise good day. It provides an overview of the financial processes and the reason we ultimately work for. The major reason I am enthusiastic about the game is the simple and practical examples used to explain the concepts and the high level of interaction.
In practice I use the training in 2 ways:
1. The comment Susan made several times was: "What is your conclusion?" and "What will be your actions?". I notice that we often come to conclusions but that we leave it at that and no specific actions are initiated. This means that in practice nothing will change. This applies not only to finance but in general. I have decided to use these 2 quotes daily and discuss them during my interactions with my employees. Last Wednesday I have applied this way of working during my 4 weeks financial review meetings. We asked all employees: "What is your conclusion and what will be your actions?". We summarised all actions and send them at the end of the day to all involved. This way all employees know what is expected from them.
2. In the past we did not make a forecast. Last we the controller and myself had a brainstorm session of 2 hours to generate ideas how we could realize a forecast. Additionally I had a discussion with other financials, they also contributed ideas manly towards a rolling forecast of 12 months.

We will work on the various ideas in the coming weeks and hope to have a first version available in a month. This way we can make a forecast with my employees and update it periodically.

Should there be any questions or advice please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a nice weekend.

With kind regards, (Participant), Business Unit Manager   

An impression of the Hendrix Genetics Masterclass

Training Hendrix Genetics GroepsfotoWith the Quotes from the evaluation form:

  • Good training, Quite complex topics presented in a friendly and nice way, They look easier then probably are ;-)
  • Great material and easy to digest presentation but I would really highlight the assignments, they are awesome.
  • Very good training. Enjoyed and learned a lot.
  • Finance can be fun!
  • Bedankt voor de inzichten
  • Exciting and also fun
  • F4NF is really an eye opening for a NF
  • Thank you Susan for sharing your great knowledge on Finance with us in a fun way
  • Interesting training which really improves insight & knowledge if Financial overviews
  • Your way to catch attention by all people is very good. Good Job! Julien Briant, Director Hypor France.
  • A really interesting final exercise. Julien Fablet Responcible R&D France
  • ​We were given the theory, now let's put this in practise. Bertrand Plumet Application Integration Manager

Office Depot training

F4NF, Susan Marcussen announces the winner of the finance training for IT andTraining 22-10-2015 E-Commerce management. A combined group of participants on site and via videoconference, a challenge but successful. A comment on the evaluation form: “Love it though! Enthusiasm, open atmosphere, clear explanation and perfect balance between theory and exercise.”


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