Top 4 Investment metrics explained

One day

As professional, you know that a certain investment will improve your performance. To receive an approval for the investment you need not only to be able to discuss the content of the process, but also the financial consequences of the investment. How high is the investment amount? What risks are known and what mitigating measures can be taken (and what do they cost)? In short: knowing how to make a bridge is not the same as being able to know how much it will cost to build one. Follow the course Investment decisions and valuation of a company to improve your ability to "sell" your project and increase the chances for approval.

At the end of the course you are able to:

  • Understand the most important terms and investment methods;
  • Take an improved investment decision;
  • Make a risk assessment of the investment and
  • Have a better in depth discussion with the financial expert of your company.


During the morning the most important principles of investment decisions are discussed in the group and placed overall. Subsequently the most important methods are discussed: pay back time, Net present value and return on investment. After lunch the submissions from the participants are discussed to bring practice and theory together. By discussing the real life overviews and decisions the theory is once again discussed and the distance to the daily decisions reduced.


To prepaire for the course you will receive a questionnaire, Financials in context, developed by FFN-F. This questionnaire measures your financial knowledge in comparison to the other participants. During the course the questions posed and the overviews provided are discussed.


To enable implementing the leaned theory the book Finance for Managers, your mentor and guide to doing business effectively, from the Harvard business essentials series is provided next to the course material. Further reading can be found in the other books from the Harvard business essentials series.

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Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • The effect of time on the value of money
  • Pay back period
  • Return on Investment
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Stock holder value ROIC, ROA, ROCE
  • Discuss about investment proposals
  • Closing
  • Opportunity to ask specific questions

Finance for Non-Financials offers (a series of) coaching sessions that can be booked subsequently to a training. During these sessions specific topics or company situations can be discussed.

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Intended for

Non-Financial professionals
The course is offered on academic level

Maximal number of participants 12 people
Price € 998,- excl. VAT
Course duration One day
Trainer Mrs. Drs. Susan Marcussen-Geelen RC,
Location and Date In mutual consultation
Course outline 08:30 – 09:00 hour Welcome
09:00 – 12:30 hour Part 1
12:30 – 13:30 hour Lunch
13:30 – 17:30 hour Part 2

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