The essence of finance


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The essence of finance

Everybody starts the e-learning with the essence of finance divided in part A and B. How financial overviews work and what we strive for is fundamental for all. 


Section A provides a general introduction on how the e-learning is build up, how to complete the various assignments and the history of finance.

  • Before you start

    - Navigate
    - Practival information
    - Creators
    - Follow-up

  • Introduction to Finance

    - Why this e-learning
    - Learning goals
    - Build up
    - Finance is a constant
    - Company specific information

  • Financial accounting principles

    - Financial statements
    - The seven accounting principles
    - Value cycle


PieAfter an introduction, section B provides essential financial knowledge. Which overviews exist and what do we try to accomplish are the fundamental questions addressed in this section.

  • Profit and loss statement

    - What is a profit and loss statement?
    - Experiment
    - Costs versus Payments
    - Video: Costs versus Payments
    - Structure of the P&L
    - Goal and ratios of the P&L
    - Company management reporting
    - Company annual report
    - Eight steps at reviewing financials
    - Analysing the P&L to get actions
    - Video P&L

  • Balance sheet

    - What is a balance sheet?
    - Structure of the balance sheet
    - Create your own balance sheet
    - Depreciation, Amortisation and Impairment
    - Debit, credit and the balance sheet
    - Goals of the balance sheet
    - Company management reporting
    - Company annual report
    - Goal of the balance sheet at your company
    - Video balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement

    - What is a cash flow statement?
    - Structure of the cash flow statement
    - Goal and ratios of the cash flow statement
    - Company management reporting
    - Company annual report
    - Video cash flow statement

  • A complete cycle

    - Value cycle and statements
    - From profit to cash via EBITDA
    - Cash flow and Balance sheet
    - Opex and Capex
    - Debit, credit and the P&L
    - Actions and proposals

  • Exercise: Take that seat

    - Receiving goods
    - Selling goods
    - Receiving cash
    - Paying cash
    - Take that seat

  • Keywords

    - KW Fundamentals
    - KW Profit and Loss
    - KW Balance Sheet
    - KW Cash flow overview

  • End of financial overviews

    - Summary and next steps
    - Goals
    - Feedback on e-learning
    - Yes, yes, yes the end

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    The total F4NF e-learning consist out of:
    - The essence of finance
    - Investment decisions
    - Financials of a sales deal
    - Getting started with goals and ratios
    - Safeguarding people and assets


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