Getting started with goals & ratios


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Getting started with goals and ratios

This course explains how to approach a monthly report in a way that will lead to immediate understanding and actions. 

This e-learning can only be understood after completing the essence of finance.

  • Financial goals at my company

    - Recap of the goals
    - My companies financial goals
    - From financial goals to budgeting at my company
    - Exercise goal realization

  • Ratios

    - Improving
    - Activity ratios
    - Profitability ratios
    - Solvability ratios
    - Liquidity ratios

  • Group and personal ratios at my company

    - Group ratios
    - Personal ratios
  • The essence of finance e-learning plus getting started with goals and ratios for only € 249 ex VAT

  • The complete finance for non financials e-learning for only € 299 ex VAT

    The total F4NF e-learning consist out of:
    - The essence of finance
    - Investment decisions
    - Financials of a sales deal
    - Getting started with goals and ratios
    - Safeguarding people and assets


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