Financials of a sales deal


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Sales propositions

This course explains how to structure a sales proposition so the controller of the purchasing company approves the deal.


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  • How to convince the controller of your deal

    - How does your proposition help the controller to realise his four goals?

  • Calculating a proposal

    - Calculations are correct
    - Have your basics strait
    - What to discuss
    - Deltas or totals
    - Penny folish, pound wise
    - How to use scenarios

  • Presenting a proposal

    - Are there questions left?
    - Facts or assumptions
    - Hard and soft benefits

  • Top-10

    - Top-10 list how to handle the financials
    - Some last remarks

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    The total F4NF e-learning consist out of:
    - The essence of finance
    - Investment decisions
    - Financials of a sales deal
    - Getting started with goals and ratios
    - Safeguarding people and assets

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