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To learn how a compass works is only effective if you hava a destination to go to. Just like financial overviews only have meaning if you understand the goals to strive for. 

No other financial e-learning will provide you with the goals!


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Why purchase the best finance e-learning?

  • Understanding
    You will learn to understand all financial reports and will be able to subtract vital information.
  • Financial goals
    Understand the goals financials strive for and have knowledge about, those goals that are opposite to your private situation. Personnaly I assume you want to be rich, onw things, the company does not!
  • Actions
    Goals can only be realised if actions are taken. During the e-learning you will create your own action list with improvement options.
  • Time
    Financial overviews and the goals will never change. Once you understand the principles, overviews and goals you can apply them for the rest of your life.
  • Decisions
    You will be a better professional because you will combine your own speciality with the financial knowledge you acquire and by doing so improve the decisions you take.
  • Career
    Understanding financials and realising goals is a prerequisite for all management positions. You will increase your career opportunities greatly.


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The essence of finance Which financial overviews exist, what do they tell me, what are their goals and how can we achieve those.
Investment decisions What are the goals financials strive for when investing, how do we calculate the benefit of completely different projects.
Financials of a sales deal Learn the top-10 of how to propose a sales deal in the best possible way to a customer. 
Getting started with goals and ratios How do I handle the information I receive in a way that enables me to realise my goals.
Safeguarding people and assets Whom is allowed to do what and how does finance help safeguarding the people working for, and the assets of, the company.

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It is possible to purchase multiple credits at a lower rate as an organization. This can be combined with in-company training courses or webinars.

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The company version can be adjusted to include your:

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  • management and annual reports
  • investment calculations
  • policies and manuals