The Essence of Finance

No financial statement will ever be a mystery to you again! This course will teach you how to understand all financial overviews, understand the goals, how to realise them and learn which goals are privately opposite!


What will you get out of it?

Understanding You will learn to understand all financial overviews and will be able to retrieve vital information out of the reports you read.
Goals Understand the goals financials are striving for and have knowledge about, those goals that are opposite to your private situation.
Actions Goals can only be realised if actions are taken. During the e-learning you will create your own action list with improvement options.
Time Financial overviews and the goals will never change. Once you understand the principles, overviews and goals you can apply them for the rest of your life.
Decisions You will be a better professional because you will combine your own speciality with the financial knowledge you acquire and by doing so improve the decisions you take.
Career Understanding financials and realising goals is a prerequisite for all management positions. You will increase your career opportunities greatly.



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What do you get?



with the Essence of Finance


The Essence of Finance course contains the following:

  • 1. Introduction to finance
  • 2. Profit and loss statement, that what I have performed minus that what I have used
  • 3. Balance sheet, that what I have and to whom it belongs
  • 4. Cash flow statement, that what I have received and paid
  • 5. A complete cycle, how are the overviews intertwined



Once you are done with the ‘Essence of Finance’ course there are 4 extra modules you can follow to delve even deeper into finance. These modules are ‘Investment decisions’, ‘Getting started with goals and ratios’, ‘Safeguarding people and assests’ and ‘Financials of a sales deal’. You can read more about the modules below.



Are financials involved in safeguarding? Yes! It is the responsibility of the firm to arrange work in such a way that nobody is tempted to commit fraud, nor by lack of guidelines nor due to external criminals. This e-learning is especially important for professionals working in General Management, HR and IT!

This module will teach you who is allowed to do what in a company. How are organisations able to prevent fraud by employees and external criminals and how are valuables from companies safeguarded.

This extra module comes with the Plus package.

Internal control

  • Why learn about internal control?
  • How to safeguard
  • Who is allowed to do what?
  • Assets and Internal Control
  • Information security
  • Policies


  • Phishing
  • CEO fraud
  • Employee fraud

Would you like a sneak preview? Follow this link and get a feel for it!


Defining your own ratios to improve and realising your goals is the topic of this finance e-learning. Decide where you want to improve, how are you going to measure your progress and what actions you can take to realise your goals. No need to invent the wheel yourself, make the e-learning.

This module will teach you to define your own goals to strive for and what ratios are available to measure your progress. Actions are needed to improve. With this e-learning you can start monitoring your progress and be in control of your improvement process!

This extra module comes with the Plus package.

Financial goals at my company

  • Recap of the financial goals
  • From general goals to my own
  • Exercise goal realization


  • Improving
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Solvability ratios
  • Liquidity ratios

Group and personal ratios

  • Group ratios
  • Personal ratios                                  



What do we try to achieve with investments? It seems a simple enough question but to answer it you have to understand the investment goals and how those goals are incorporated in calculations.

This bonus module will teach you how completely different projects, with different time periods, different risk profiles and investment amounts are evaluated financially to make a fair comparison. We discuss not only the calculations but especially the goals to strive for!

This extra module comes with the complete package.

Investment goals

  • Financial goals
  • Two additional goals for investments

Investment metrics

  • From goal to metric
  • Metric #1: Payback period
  • Metric #2: Net Present Value
  • Metric #3: Internal Rate of Return

Keywords and tips

  • Investment keywords
  • Some practical tips



Why would you focus on the financials of a sales deal? It is only a small part of the package. True but, if you have it wrong, you will never close the deal! Lear what makes a financial approve your proposition.

This module will teach you to calculate and present the financial section of your sales proposition. The e-learning is based on the top-10 from the controller. What do they like and what are they allergic to. Apply the top-10 and you will close substantially more deals at a higher price!

This extra module comes with the complete package.

How to convince the controller of your deal

Calculating a proposal

  • Calculations are correct
  • Have your basics strait
  • What to discuss
  • Deltas or totals
  • Penny foolish, pound wise
  • How to use scenarios

Presenting a proposal

  • Are there questions left?
  • Facts or assumptions
  • Hard and soft benefits

Summary (and something extra)


Start using finance to your advantage! Start today!


We are happy to include your Montly Report, Annual Report, Policies and Manuals, ... into the e-learning!



Would you like a sneak preview? Follow this link and get a feel for it!