Blog: Financial Management and the 8 most commonly made mistakes

In this blog I describe the 8 most common financial mistakes by managers. If after reading this blog you think: "But what is wrong with that?" then draw your conclusions:

  1. Costs are the same as expenses, as are revenue and receipt.
  2. If I purchase a product that will lead to a reduction in the profit.
  3. The interest rate against which ........


  1. The interest rate against which I can borrow from the bank should be used when evaluating an investment.
  2. If equity is on the right side of the balance sheet, it has the same meaning as when it is on the left.
  3. Customer relations on which I make a loss should be ended.
  4. Companies go bankrupt because they make losses.
  5. All financial statements within my company must comply with the law.
  6. The balance sheet is in balance through an accounting trick.

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