Blog: Accounting principles (with explanation)

Relevance and Materiality: Available and interesting information
Timeliness: Information should be included on time
Reliability: Unbiased, neutral and verifiable
Prudence: With estimates remain conservative
Comparability: Between periods and companies
Consistent: In the methods used
Continuity: Assuming the company will remain active and does not go bankrupt
Completeness of the revenue / turnover: All activities are accounted for
Accuracy of the cost: All costs are correct
Regularity of the expenditures: Is this the goal I want to spend my money on?

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Accounting principles                                      Accounting grondslagen                                 Grundlagen der Rechnungslegung                          Principios de contabilidad Principes comptables Principi contabili
Relevance and Materiality  Relevantie en Materialiteit Relevanz und Materialität Relevancia y Materialidad Pertinence et importance Pertinenza e materialità
Timeliness Tijdigheid  Pünktlichkeit Puntualidad Respect des délais Tempestività
Reliability Betrouwbaarheid Zuverlässigkeit Confiabilidad Fiabilité Affidabilità
Prudence Voorzichtigheid Vorsorglichkeit Prudencia Prudence Prudenza
Comparability Vergelijkbaarheid Vergleichbarkeit Comparabilidad Comparabilité Comparabilità
Consistent Consistent Einheitlich Consistencia Cohérente Costante
Continuity Continuïteit Kontinuität Continuidad Continuité Continuità
Completeness of the revenue / turnover Volledigheid van de omzet  Vollständighkeit des Umsatz Completitud de los ingresos / facturación Intégralité du revenue / chiffre d'affaires Completezza dei ricavi / fatturato
Accuracy of the cost Juistheid van de kosten  Qualität der Kosten Exactitud del coste/gasto Précision du coût Accuratezza del costo
Regularity of the expenditures Rechtmatigheid van de uitgaven Ordnungsmäßigkeit der Ausgaben Regularidad de los gastos Régularité des dépenses Regolarità delle spese

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