Susan has been training all our management teams in Europe. A huge success. She is able to train 'non-financials' in a very structured and entertaining way in a field that does not always appeal to participants or goes off easily. Using catchy pictures and flowcharts to explain complex matters very easily. I get a lot of requests for more in-depth training from our organization. But, only by Susan! Highly recommended if you like to improve the financial knowledge of management (but also anyone else who is confronted with numbers) in an effective and pleasant way!
Ron Bijkersma, Corporate HR Director, Schoeller Allibert Group


Dear Susan,
I want to thank you once again for the best 2 days I have ever spent on finance for non-finance people! Your visual approach for the basics of finance made everything simple, clear and very easy to understand. More than that, the fact that you centered the training on interpreting and understanding the MEANING behind numbers, made the training more relevant and useful.
One more thing from my side: congratulations for making a motto alive! It was the best display I have seen of a motto in action, made functional and yours in particular is a hard one. Thank you again and have a great week, Bogdan Cucu Commercial Director, Orbico Group (Susan's motto: If you cannot explain it in simple words you do not understand it well enough!) 


Financial Management training that goes two steps further!

The only finance training that goes two steps further than all others. Not just explaining the financial statements and what they represent. But also (1) how and why they are connected and (2) how to  use financial knowledge to get approval from your CFO with the four principles on which he assesses.
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Are your employees up to speed for Finance?

Do you have managers who make decisions without being able to oversee the financial consequences? Do you notice in conversations that they do not know the differences between the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement? Do you want to receive better substantiated proposals that are also well-argued? And do you want management to be able to recognize the urgency from situations based on your management reporting? Then let me help to take your team to the next financial level.
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Do you want to improve your financial knowledge?

Looking for a good and quick way to gain as much financial knowledge as possible? My unique way of working is characterized by connecting a 'hard' theme in a 'soft' way so that it becomes clear  to you and can be understood at a very fundamental level. Financial Management reflects the activities of the company. What has happened and how do I read this from overviews. What will the next year look like financially and what do I have to do to realize this. Learn to apply my visual structure to define your situation and define the actions yourself.
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The unique approach from Susan Marcussen

To turn your weakness into your greatest strength. I never wrote much because of my dyslexia. I have always looked for logic and coherence to make my own little drawings. Let it be precisely that structure and those drawings that my students appreciate the most in the trainings I give. Comments such as: "Is that really true?" are often followed by "And why did they not tell me that 20 years ago!" Experience the way of working and understand once and for all how finances, overviews and objectives belong together.
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